Donations, Giving and Tithing at St Giles


We are raising funds to improve the accessibility of the Church, and create a more modern welcome area for our c.910 year old bulding.

To see the plans visit The Church Improvement Project



Giving to St Giles to help with the daily upkeep of the Church can be done in various ways, contactless, BACS, cash in envelopes or the good old fashioned offertory depending on your preference.

For more information please see Giving or contact the Church Administrator



Tithing is an ancient practice advocated for by the Bible, and to this end we donate 10 % of our regular income to other charities.

For who we are supporting at the moment, and why, see - Mission Giving

There are many ways in which you can be involved in church life, from serving on PCC, to being on the mowing rota, to helping in the kitchen at Café church, all our volunteers are greatly valued.


Church Service Rota (Jun - Aug)

If you find you are unable to do your slot, please arrange a swap with someone else.


If you would like to find out more about becoming involved send us an email via the Find and Contact us page


If you would like St Giles to contact you about upcoming events please fill in a GDPR Contact Form*, and return it to the contact on the form.

Alternatively, go to Subscribe and fill in the form*.


 *Please refer to the Privacy Policy on our Policies page to see how your data will be stored and used.