Would you like your child to be recognised as belonging to God's family? Then bring him/her to Church for baptism/christening. Adults who have missed out earlier in life may also choose to be baptised. We generally perform baptism ceremonies within our main Sunday worship at 9.30am on the third Sunday in any calendar month. Please come along to any of our Sunday services to introduce yourselves and to collect a baptism booking form. Drop your completed form back, and someone from St.Giles (usually a member of the clergy) will arrange to visit you at home to talk about what you would like, to run through the service with you, and to confirm your booking.


St.Giles Church is a great place in which to get married. And you don't need to be living in Codicote at the time. There are now all sorts of “qualifying connections" which give you the right to be married in St.Giles. You or your parents only need to have lived in the village for 6 months within your lifetime, or you could have been baptised here, or your parents married in the church, or you have some other family connection... Please do discuss this with us at an early stage in your planning. You can be married any day of the week and at a time that fits with other aspects of your celebration. There are certain  fixed costs, but these may not be as high as you think! And then there is a range of optional extras that cover music, bells, and flowers. We welcome initial enquiries by email or phone.

Funerals/Burials of Ashes

It can be difficult to know what to do when a loved one dies. We are here to help you plan an appropriate “farewell" and to support you in coming to terms with your loss. A minister from St.Giles can conduct a funeral service in the church or at a crematorium for anyone from Codicote or elsewhere. A church service can lead directly to a burial in the churchyard (for Codicote residents), or may be preceded/followed by a short service at a crematorium. Alternatively, the full service can be held at a crematorium. Following a cremation, ashes may be interred in an existing grave at St.Giles or in our Garden of Remembrance. We can guide you with regard to the placing of a suitable memorial to your loved one.


Are you at a loss to know who you can turn to? Perhaps you feel lonely,  confused, or miserable. We will listen to you within a confidential framework. We can talk on the phone (ring 01438 504318), come to your home, or arrange to meet somewhere you feel safe. We won't be able to solve all your problems, but may be able to suggest others who could help. Sometimes just talking things through with a willing listener brings a sense of relief. We are also able to offer limited practical help with needs such as transport to hospital appointments. Contact us about any such issues.


Is there something troubling you? Would you like help in bringing your concerns to God? We can assist you with prayer. Message us via the website, drop a note through the vicarage door (4 Bury Lane), or ring 01438 504318. We can pray with you in person or on the phone. We can pray for you either privately or publicly in a church service. You can tell us as little or as much as you like, and we will respect your wishes at all times. Sometimes just passing on a name for prayer is all people want to do.